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It's a personal choice, but for me it definitely would be worth the extra $20. It is a much nicer hotel: cleaner, newer, calmer. The Ramses is beyond tired and often feels overrun by tour groups. Taxis in Cairo are cheap. The Conrad will help with taxis, although Uber is best. But note than when I stayed at the Ramses they refused to help with taxis and insisted upon using their own (overpriced) hotel cars.
Echo the above comment. Also, the Nile views from the Conrad are frontal, whereas you get an angular view from the Ramses. The Conrad has a much nicer lounge, IMO. BTW, I got taxis from both the Ramses and the Conrad by hailing them off the street (and negotiating the price in advance) without any problem at all; it helps to have your destination written out by the concierge. Of course these are regular Cairo taxis and not fancy air-conditioned cabs. There is also Careem, a service similar to Uber.
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