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On June 23rd I purchased 10 seperate orders of 3X$300 visa giftcards with amex cards to maximize 10% amex offer. In each case I got the amex credit after 2-3 days. 7/10 envelopes arrived within 5 days or so and two days later 10/10 activation codes arrived. the 3/10 order that were missing have still not arrived. I called blackhawk or giftcardmall who fulfills the orders and figured out which orders hadn't arrived and escalated the case with them. They told me to call staples. I called staples and the told me that they should still arrive and to wait until the expected shipping date of July 10 and to call back if they still haven't arrived? Is this common with Staples visa orders? Should I be worried? Any advice?
Did they ever arrive? I have received no orders from July 9th on. They should have been here by now. No cards, no activation letters. Email show delivery dates of July 28 and on.
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