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Thanks again for the detailed info.
My flight to CAI was delayed by almost an hour - apparently not unusual for LH 582 from FRA.
I walked of the plane until I got to a counter where it said transfering passengers. It was mostly meant for passengers of Egypt Air and/or *A passengers but I asked a guy and he said it would be possible and he would organize it.
He told me to wait quite a few times until some old dude showed up who eventually drove me across the airport to the other terminal. However, I had to wait until he drove some other passengers elsewhere.
The old guy spoke only a few words of English, but the knew the word tip. So upon arriving at the other terminal I a gave him some money.
All in all it took at least an hour. I guess I could have asked them to hurry up, but I am not sure that this would really speed things up in Egypt.

The security control right at the gate at the old terminal was a total joke, but that's a story for another day.
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