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Also, how on earth did the OP expect F passengers to leave first, via the back door? March them through a cabin where everyone is already frustrated and blocking the isles? It's obvious something unusual happened, and the OP appears most upset at leaving last, which considering the circumstances and logistics seems like an unreasonable complaint. Otherwise, he's just really upset that they didn't say sorry enough, which I fail to see how that could be breaching any contract or eligible for any form of compensation! Compensating for what?
Of course, it's frustration, and there is no compensation for that.

However consider this. These are the airline's premier passengers. A customer focused business might have a crew member walk round the cabin saying 'look there has been a problem, we are really sorry, and we will get you on the way asap'. A non customer focused company would ignore it, wait until people complain, then blame someone else.

Which would you say BA is?
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