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This highlights a couple of points for me - firstly that BA are slow (never?) to offer any apology - although you say they have used the word 'sorry' so that is all you are likely to get and it might be better to relax and save your blood pressure. However, they know when things have gone wrong and a pre-emptive apology, even to F customers who end up de-planing last, might easily resolve the situation. Or, in our case, a pre-emptive apology and maybe some small compensation, when they knew we had paid for CE but there was no catering, would work wonders for their PR. Why is it that you never get a 'Thank you for using BA today, we'd like to ask about your experience' text when these things happen?!

Secondly, is why everyone has the urge to stand up and queue as soon as the seat belt sign is off and before the door is opened. How my inner shadenfruede glows when everyone queues for door 1 and we end up leaving via door 2 - small pleasures!
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