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Air Canada has conditioned customers (including me) to accept being treated shabbily. It has done this by limiting the amount of information available to customers and the public that reflect the airline's customer service deficiencies. In the USA, airlines report to the US DOT their monthly data for all reports of mishandled baggage, including reports of damage to wheels, straps, zippers, handles, and other protruding parts of checked baggage beyond normal wear and tear.

In Canada, there is little reporting and even less publication of data from the government like this;
Few injured Canadian passengers are aware of how to file a complaint or what they are entitled to. The airline certainly doesn't tell them and the government sits on its hands

In all my years of flying EVA TPAC, never once did they lose or not load my luggage, including some odd and tight connections both with EVA and with other carriers. Same for NH and TG. During this same period, AC on which I had fewer flights, lost or failed to load, or failed to transfer etc. my bag on multiple flights. Trying to get information from the airline was an exercise in futility. It amazes me that in the same winter weather conditions, EVA could unload its aircraft at YYZ in a prompt and timely manner, while AC could not unload their own aircraft.

This will only change once there is transparency and Canadian airlines are forced to publish their results like in the USA. There is a big difference between a sudden and unexpected mishap, and a policy of limited resources and intentional service constraints that underlies the mishandled baggage issue. In plain language, some airlines have poor results because they don't put much emphasis on obtaining better results. They are like that because they can get away with it.

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