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Originally Posted by mataushas View Post
1. buy 4 x $500 VGCs at Walmart (Meta bank or US bank). Up to about $25 in activation fees. Is there better places to guy gift cards with cheaper activation fees? I'm in NJ.
2. Go to walmart and turns those VGCs into 1, 2, 3 or 4 money orders (either one 2k MO or $500 MO - I would have to figure out how many swipes they let me do it). up to $4 in MO fees.
3. Cash the MO into my regular bank account.
Buying a VGC and turning it into a MO at the same store is usually not smart. If certain employees notice you doing this, it can shut down the whole game at that store. As someone mentioned, it's better to buy at grocery stores or elsewhere. Be forewarned, that WM doesn't like (One)Vanilla cards.
Cashing the MO into your regular bank account may be fine for small amounts, but most people get a second account for MS at a different bank or credit union that won't matter if they shut you down and refuse to do business with you ever again.
Good luck!
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