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I need to spend 2k more on my new CSP. I am new the churning game. I can spend the rest of MSR by paying rent with plastiq for 2 more months which will cost me about $73 bucks in fees. However, I want to learn how to MS using some better MS alternatives like buying visa gift cards and turning them into MOs.

Let me know if I got this straight:
1. buy 4 x $500 VGCs at Walmart (Meta bank or US bank). Up to about $25 in activation fees. Is there better places to guy gift cards with cheaper activation fees? I'm in NJ.
2. Go to walmart and turns those VGCs into 1, 2, 3 or 4 money orders (either one 2k MO or $500 MO - I would have to figure out how many swipes they let me do it). up to $4 in MO fees.
3. Cash the MO into my regular bank account.

Total spend about $29 bucks. Is that correct?
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