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Originally Posted by Churnman View Post
Staples seems to have stopped their GC promotions and many of us business owners haven't made a purchase in-store since then. I would usually buy products when I went into the store for these promotions. The promotions worked to get customers like me into the stores and we would buy other things too. I shop where I can also get GC deals. I also pulled all pharmacy/retail purchases from chains that no longer allow VGC to be bought with CC. Seems like in their effort to avoid problems they drive good customers to large online marketplaces. Their choice leads to my choice. Although I have seen some stores bring back good sales and allow cc purchases after a hiatus which seem to get rid of problem customers/limit fraud.
I bet their computers showed them that 99.999% of the GC sales were just that only GCs. So yes you maybe part of the .001% that made other purchases but from my times there its a rarity as most folks getting the GCs were getting just that and nothing more
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