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There are some timings in the Passageway guide in the Dashboard - and if leaving it tight I would use the passageway since there isn't the transit's "variable" service frequency with which to contend - but you can leave it to 35 minutes before advertised departure. I wouldn't use the "boarding" status off the information screens, except in respect of any delays, if they are clearly communicated (e.g. a flight departing at 11:00, if it says "now departing at 11:15", then you can add 15 minutes to the process if it says that in the final 30 minutes or so. But in the absence of that, stick to the advertised departure time, deduct 35 minutes, that's when you can leave the B lounge.

Every single T5 gate - A, B and C - is under 15 minutes walk from that lounge, using the passageways and assuming reasonable mobility and not too much luggage to cart around, so I often advocate people use that lounge, the best of the Galleries Club lounges, regardless of where their flight leaves. I would check the gate maps however, since you don't want to get stressed going off in the wrong direction. But once you have used the passageways a few times then I think people should feel in control of the process and can relax accordingly.
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