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Had planned a 2.5 hour connection on my GVA-ZRH-BKK (LX2811/LX180) and was hoping to visit the new F lounge in A (and maybe have a brief look at the new A SEN lounge) before spending some time at the F lounge in E. As for almost all LX flights that I took this year, annoyingly, LX2811 was delayed almost 2 hours (the earlier GVA-ZRH was delayed even more and landed at the same time) due to the 'Bise' winds in Zurich (strangely all other flights were only mildly delayed). Flight was packed with with 170 pax and only 3 rows of C (there were food and drinks as normal, but strangely no chocolate?!). One of the TAs told me that that only 7 pax had no connections. Among the ~25 connecting flights, 15 connections were missed and I guess a lot of people had to spend a night in ZRH. I was among the lucky ones that made my connection, but only had 40 minutes left. Still, as F pax no direct transfer. So I rushed to the new F lounge after finding the hidden landside entrance and walking though the deserted entrance corridor. Just spend 3 minutes there until the not very accommodating staff had organised the van transfer to E for me. Lounge was very busy and from my superficial impressions, was not impressed (as discussed and mentioned by many others before: lounge seemed dark and quite small with a lot of wasted open space, few calm corners, noisy around the bar area). At least I was driven directly to my departure gate in E46 and I boarded ~10 minutes before the doors were closed.
F service on the ZRH-BKK flight was once again impeccable!
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