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We are planning our 3rd trip "downunder" - this time to Tasmania. Is there a better/best time of year to go? We will have a car so tranport is not an issue! Also, we are looking for recommendations for flights into Devonport - the 3rd (& smallest?) airport? - to from Sydney or Melbourne?
I generally enjoy the fall season, so my trip in March worked out very well. I didn't get to see the Fairy Penguins of Lilico Beach -- they only come to nest there from October to January. I also ended up skipping the Cradle Mountain on a recommendation from a local. It's now very crowded with tourists that arrive by busloads. I was staying near Mount Roland, and went hiking to that part instead. It was an undiscovered treasure with an unmanned log-in station by the entrance (I guess as a safety feature). I didn't see a single human there, but there was another couple hiking at the time, according to the log.

Overall I thought Tasmania is a spectacular destination, and one should visit there sooner rather than later for the following reason. 70% of the island is already fully or partially deforested. As I was there, Commercial Agriculture was on a rampage destroying the world's remaining wilderness heritage. I could be driving through a pristine magical forest for a few miles, then the scenery turn to total devastation with cut down trees scattered on the ground. Further on there would be fires set up to clear the debris. Much of the island's interior now is cow and sheep pastures with occasional fires burning near the edges, where the pastures are claiming more land from the forest.

If you want to start your trip on the North coast, perhaps you should consider a ferry ride from Melbourne rather than a flight. I also got to visit Maria Island -- it was truly spectacular, and truned out to be the highlight of my trip.
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