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Originally Posted by sunpass View Post
I received my new Nexus card in the mail today. My photo in it is very unflattering.

It is off center, my chin is almost cropped out of the photo, I am looking at the camera with my head slightly tilted, some dust on the lens of the camera makes it appear I have an earring and my hair is a little bit askew. I am a bit concerned that this photo makes me look shady and might be grounds for unnecessary detainment in the future.

Can I make an inquiry to either the CBP or CBSA to have it retaken? I know it's not supposed to be a glamour shot but this is just ridiculous looking.

My prior Global Entry card photo was much better.
I've crossed the US/Canada border maybe a dozen times over the past few years (so I am not a commuter crossing the border daily/weekly), but in my experience, no-one has ever looked at my Nexus card - it has only ever been read by a machine. I don't think the photo matters.
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