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Originally Posted by tth6133 View Post
The 1st option would work except in the following 2 scenarios:
1) Marriott decides to cancel your cat 1-5 certificate and refund less than the full 150K points on 8/18; or

2) the hotel is no longer bookable with points for the dates you want.The 2nd option is a little safer. The only risk is Marriott doesn't allow you to downgrade your certificate and reattach to the reservation. I don't foresee Marriott not allowing downgrades in these types of situations. Upgrade is a different story, however, and may cost you more than what's on the current chart.
I am in this situation; I have a current Cat 6 cert attached to a hotel that is Cat 6 before the new chart came out. Hotel will go down to 25K new Cat 4 on Aug 18 (was Aug 1). We would need the 7 nights no matter what so I leave it alone.

Several days ago I had a lengthy chat with a rep on what would happen when the hotel category changed - after went off to check with higher up for a long time, she came back to give the expected answer.

1) if hotel category goes up, Marriott will honor the existing booking, without any change allowed (this is just like the existing rules).

2) if hotel category goes down, Marriott will look at how many points would cost for new booking, and member is given the option of the lower cost option.

Here comes the rub - because this is the 7 nights cert, not a normal point booking, therefore even at 25K, a 7 nights booking would still be much more than the current 7 nights Cat 6 30K night booking's intrinsic value (45K + 30K).

So rebooking as a normal point booking would cost 25K x 6 = 150K while the intrinsic value of a Cat 6 TP cert is only 75K in current setting.

To us, the difference is only 30K pts in case we cannot get back a refund. Not a whole lot especially it is from the SPG end, and we rather have the hotel reservation secured. So I leave the cert attached as it is now.

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