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Flying within Russia, Aeroflot and SVO Terminal B

I fly on average once a month from Moscow to various cities across the country for business trips with Aeroflot/Rossiya (thankfully, not paid for by me!), or S7 if absolutely necessary and to try to avoid going back via Moscow when possible (although it can be argued that would work out better for miles! Although time is often too much of the essence). It's occurred to me that any flight in Russia always demands paper boarding passes, rendering online boarding passes utterly useless...not a problem, as I NEVER travel with checked baggage, I would always print it out in the terminal, particularly on my return flights, unless checking in manually is compulsory e.g. with Uzbekistan Airways/LIAT etc.

So today, I flew to ROV on a business trip this weekend from the new Terminal B at SVO, which is a fantastic terminal, a far cry from D, but there's a vital thing missing - self-check-in machines. I also had a slight issue at VVO when printing out my boarding pass to SVO, as I had another flight to SVX (also Aeroflot) the same day 2 hours (on a different booking) after arriving, but was not allowed to get it in VVO, but rather had to pick it up at the transfer desk in SVO. Not *that* big of a deal, but I did think it was a bit frustrating.

So 3 questions to field:

1) what is the deal with Russian flights always demanding paper boarding passes?
2) Is Terminal B deliberately not having self check in machines or what? I know it's a new terminal but surely this is something that should be there!
3) Is it standard practice to not issue boarding passes for flights on different bookings on the same day?
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