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Originally Posted by TWA884 View Post
It's an FAA regulation, not a TSA rule. Even if the TSA lets you bring it through the security checkpoint, the airline will not permit you to bring that battery on board the aircraft.

I strongly suggest that you ask your doctor to prescribe an alternative device that is powered by a battery which is allowed in carry-on luggage.
This is correct. It all comes down the airline and the FAA with those pesky watt hours.

Happens a lot in checked baggage for us. Let's take some Anker powerbanks as an example.

This one is fine because it doesn't exceed the limit.

This one on the other hand is a no go.

In which case, we notify the airline to come and take it out of the bag.

My suggestion echoes that of TWA's, have your doctor proscribe a battery powered one either temporarily or permanently.

At least you can use a CPAP, I've never been able to get used to it and I'm waiting on a dental device.
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