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So an expedite delivery to AS obviously has gone missing.

I redeemed a package on Jul 22nd Sunday in the afternoon. Got a rep based in London, Canada, who offered expedite delivery to AS with $15 waived due to it is a benefit for Plat. I accepted the offer. She said the miles should be in the account on Wed, (48 hours after). If by Thur, 3 business days later the miles still not there I should call back.

Well, today is Thursday. Miles are not there. Had a long hold to get a rep who looked at the AS FFP number which is correct, when he repeated it to me. He did not know what went wrong in the process and now went on his wild goose chase on where the miles have been sent or being sent out at all...

Still holding the call - been over 20 min now after the rep set out to do his "tracing", that already took over 20 min listening to music before this rep came on the line. Dialed Marriott 10:07am EST. Right now it is 10:50am EST. Rep has not returned yet.

I should have called the International numbers on Sunday night when they come to work around 9pm EST. Would be much easier. SIGH.
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