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YQB YYC is about 3000km, short of a great deal
$400 is about the best youíll get crossing the continent. The shame is youíll get a much better price doing the same in the US but with the CDN vs USD and the driving to get south of the border first likely a losing battle. You can try google flights, changing days to fly mid week, hopper or other apps to monitor it but we have a lack of options here in Canada at present and the airlines basically price fix.

Assuming you mean award as in Aeroplan, these seats (at least standard seats without significant airline status) on those routes .. should be able to get seats in Economy. I found dates in a couple of months including December. Sure your going to have to change likely YUL and will pay $100 in taxes per seat but if you want a specific date and time for 3 people you may have to book way out or book 1-2 seats for
$ and take what AP has available.

But AP does have 12500 seats available YQB YUL YYC. You could also consider YUL, YOW even YYZ etc and get lucky but then as you say there are some train rides involved. Trains arenít that bad, nor that cheap for the longer rides although booking ahead a few weeks and a specific time yields the best prices.

Need to know exact dates to know more. And check
a few times, AP has an horrific website.
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