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Originally Posted by metoo View Post
I am wondering if I should really attach the 7 night category 6 Courtyard HK certificate for a stay later this year. It is Category 6 right now but after the change, it will be Category 4.

The CSR I spoke with actually booked me for a 5 night travel certificate for Cat 6 for 250k (120k to Alaska Airlines)
I told her I wanted the 7 night travel package for Cat 6 (300k) She cancelled the 5 night travel certificate but still deducted the 250k plus the 300k for the 7 night package. I am now in the negative for my account.

I called CSR back to explain the situation and CSR said it will take 7 to 10 business day to receive the 250k back.

Had I known the problem, I would have just kept the 5 nights, Cat 6, 120k Alaska air package for 250k

How many days should it take for the miles to transfer to Alaska Air?
AS miles take 7-10 days to show up in your account. If an agent sounded unfamiliar with TPs (and there're MANY of them right now), my advice is to thank him/her, hang up and try again. With potentially only a few days left and Marriott's system being unreliable, any errors are difficult to correct in a timely manner.
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