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Originally Posted by Kalboz View Post
Marriott already gave us a huge hint, TP devaluation is coming up! So, get your travel packages and and make sure you attach them to specific properties (don't leave them floating):

Marriott will handle these certificates generously after August. Announcing that they will do so would create a massive amount of demand for the current certificates. By lack of info, they will keep demand down until itís too late to buy the current certificates. I donít think they would keep selling packages today if they planned on pulling the rug out from underneath everyone. I also believe Marriott will continue to allow people to upgrade and downgrade categories after August 1st.
Newbie question on these TPs. If I attach my Category 1-5 cert to a specific property now, can I change it later? Are there any Cat 5 properties that we know will later be LESS valuable that I should avoid in terms of choosing which property to attach the cert to?

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