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Originally Posted by bknets88 View Post
Any updates on whether the pools are heated yet?
Not that I am aware of, but certainly not needed in July. Water was *delightful*, which is good, because the beach is a disaster. The seaweed issue is really tragic, as it absolutely ruins the beach for anything but walking, and can occasionally put out quite a stench if they haven't yet caught up with the cleaning. Cockleshell beach next door is either naturally more protected or just more aggressively groomed, as we found it tolerable. Neither are what I would call "nice" beaches, though. (Although I'm from San Diego, so YMMV.)

Originally Posted by noobiewildcat View Post
Great info! For Breakfast, I assume you had two for free from Globalist. Was there a child price for the buffet? Wondering if 5 year old will need to pay full price. Thanks!
They offer a sporadic 50% discount for kids; I got it every day at the breakfast, and most days for the other meals as well. If you're paying out of pocket, you should probably insist on it.

Originally Posted by cshel View Post
Did anyone have any issues getting same day reservations at any of the restaurants? Any thoughts on booking restaurants or activities in advance?
None for us, but occupancy levels looked to be 20%, max. We ate next to the same half dozen groups every day for a week.

Originally Posted by noobiewildcat View Post
One more question - I have breakfast included for 2. If I have small children, do they eat free or at discount? Anyone have experience on that?
I was told at checkin they would be "free," but was skeptical. Every day at breakfast they were charged, but in the end all of the breakfast charges (save gratuity) were removed, much to my delight.

Originally Posted by noobiewildcat View Post
Have a stay coming up in October and am worried about the food prices. I understand there is a VAT and then a “Service Charge”. Are you expected to then tip on top of this? And if so, should we be tipping the customary 15%? 15% is definitely a US thing and St Kitts is not in the US but I assume most guests are from the US and are tipping the 15% anyway.

What have you tipped if any at restaurants there?
This is definitely a do-as-you-will thing. I tipped an extra 10% on everything except breakfast, where I just added a modest flat amount since it was buffet (and comped). IMHO the wages are so low relative to the obscene (relatively) amounts one pays for food and services here that it seems downright miserly to skimp on tips.
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