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Originally Posted by Shombolar View Post
I got the invite to upgrade to this card this morning in my email (with the 5K points incentive).

I have the Premier card, but I'm not A-List, so I always add the extra $30 for Early Bird r/t. It usually gets me anywhere from A20-50.

Upgrading to the Priority could mean A1-15 position, but the way I read the benefit is that you won't know until you're at the airport and they know whether there are seats available in those positions, which could be stressful if you check in manually and still find yourself with a boarding position you don't like.

That's the big ó and possibly only ó downside to upgrading.
yes, you wonít know until you get to the gate if the upgraded boarding is available. However, in my experience over the last few years, Iíve never had a flight where that I wasnít available. Thatís one of the reasons I am inclined to think the car may be worth it to me. I think I easily spend more than that annual fee on the upgraded boardings every year.
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