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Originally Posted by pentiumvi View Post
While I would love to keep believing that Marriott won't screw us TP holders post merger, this quote from SPG Lurker is making me very uncertain:

"We are currently reviewing how to handle existing <snip> awards already in members' accounts and will have a definitive answer in the coming weeks. Members should make every effort to book and attach these certificates prior to our programs becoming one to to maximize their usage."

The fact that he's suggesting that these certificates be attached to a reservation prior to the merger in order to maximize their usage leads me to believe that the 45k point refund is quite a likely scenario.

That being said, 75k SPG for up to 132k airline miles is still not a bad deal for those who have a use for the airline miles.
I think the SPG lurker is trying to tell everyone only redeem TPs if you have a real need of a 7 night cert, don't try to gamble to get something better after Aug. 1.
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