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Originally Posted by tth6133 View Post
This logic is faulty. Even if Marriott applies the most generous treatment to TP certificates on August 1, there will still be scenarios where attaching the certificates now will be better for some certificate holders. I interpret Lurker's comment to mean that there will be no downside to attaching the certificates. You can still cancel post August 1 and get the same treatment as the floaters if you wish. I don't know what will happen on August 1 to the floaters, but the probability of getting 45K refund on August 1 for a cat 1-5 certificate is very low.
This was very helpful. I had been trying to decide whether to attach my certificate requiring both an upgrade and date extension now, or wait until the dust settles. The reason for waiting was that I thought it might give me the flexibility to book a higher level SPG property. But you make a good point that I can probably cancel post August 1 and get the same deal, if it turns out to be an attractive one.

So just a data point for anyone considering this, I just called and got connected to a great rep within 2 minutes, who not only did the whole upgrade and extension, but also offered some advice about one of the cities we are planning on visiting. All in under 15 minutes.
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