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Transfer Points to Airline now or later? Cons x Pros

I would like to ask you for an opinion about transferring Marriott points to United Airline miles.
I have 112 000 points that would get me 50 000 UA miles if I convert now, so I am trying to figure out if there is any advantage to wait after 8/1/18 or do it now.
By my calculations, I would get 50 000 miles now, and only 37 333 miles if I wait till after 8/1/18, but perhaps I am missing something?
Generally, I keep accumulating the Marriott points and when I have enough to get the more favorable conversion ratio, I transfer them to UA miles (example: 56000points get me 25000UA miles).

Have been reading lots of info about the terms of the new loyalty programs and am still a bit unclear, so your wisdom is very appreciated:
With the new consolidated program starting August 1st, it seems that all Marriott points (even those earned prior 8/1/2018) will be using a conversion 3:1 (Marriott points : Airline miles).
1/ is there any indication that United airlines will again have a more favorable ratio than other airlines after 8/1/18?
2/ Can the Marriott points earned by 7/31/18 be still converted in the old conversion system even after 8/1/18 or do all points get pooled into 3:1 system?
Thank you for any input!

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