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Pleasant Hotels Near LAX With Free Parking

I don't know where else to ask this, so I'll try here. In the past year or so, "Me Too" has taken over all of the places I have been staying in the LAX airport vicinity and now charge for parking. For years, I've been staying in one of the hotels on or near Mariposa Ave off Sepulveda Blvd - Courtyard, Hilton Garden, Doubletree, even Extended Stay. The area feels safe for walking, there are decent inexpensive places to eat nearby, and it's a convenient starting place for places I go where I need to go by car. I think the Hilton Garden was first to charge for parking, and it's sort of understandable there since it's adjacent to a Metro station and I'll bet people were using the lot as a park-and-ride. But shortly thereafter, they all added a charge for parking. It's spread, too, to the Marriott SpringHill and TownePlace Suites near Aviation and Rosecrans, another area I like to stay when I'll be there for a few days.

I've reluctantly switched to hotels in the complex in Hawthorne near Hawthorne Blvd and Imperial Hwy (Comfort Inn Cockatoo, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites) which still offer free parking but it's garage parking a bit of a walk from the hotels (other than the Hampton Inn), and it's a bit of a dumpy area to walk in, with few pleasant places for an inexpensive and decent dinner.

I realize that I'm just being grumpy - if they need more money, they should just raise rates. And if they don't want commuters to park in spaces intended for the hotel guests, they should just enforce non-guest parking better. But what's a cheapskate who wants to remain a cheapskate to do? If all I wanted was a place to stay before taking an early flight the next morning - and indeed this is sometimes the case - I could turn in the rental car after dinner and use the hotel's shuttle service (which isn't usually frequent enough to avoid a long wait at the airport). But when I'm staying for a few days, who doesn't need a car in the LA area?

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