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Laptop/tablet in hand luggage restriction on A3 ex-IST?

Is there a laptop/tablet in hand luggage restriction on A3 ex-IST (specifically the A3-operated service rather than TK codeshare or OA)?

I believe the restrictions are in place for some airlines (e.g. BA, where passengers are not allowed to carry laptop/tablets ex-IST and must be checked in) rather than the restriction being applied to all carriers, so I am wondering about A3.

It would be much appreciated if someone who have recently been there could tell me (I couldn't find anything about it on A3 website).

(If there is such a restriction, it's not a simple matter of checking it in for me - it's the matter of not booking the flight from there, as I cannot check it in, and I do not fly TK (which I believe do not have the restriction), so it's really down to 'not going there' as it's not 100% essential for me to go there - just a trade show.)

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