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Originally Posted by Ramonmv View Post
Thanks, but the main question is about the Chase Marriott cards, and why I should pay extra for the plus card, if it doesn’t get me anything better than I already have from my SPG cards, both personal and business.

Because it gets you an extra night at that lavel?

Do you only need 2 nights at 35k and the rest at 25k? If so, you don't need the plus card.

But if you need 3 nights at 35k, then you do need the plus card.

So I don't see what having the SPG cards has to do with it, unless you stay so few times a year in a hotel that you're sure two certs at 35k is enough and the remaining cert being at 25k is going to be enough, or if you have enough experience with capped Marriott certs to know that you don't need more than 2 nights a year at the higher level.

Some people might want two or three (or four or five or six!) 35k certs, instead of one (or more) of those being a 25k cert. Others don't care. It depends a lot on how many times you stay a year and what sort of hotels you need when you stay.

In my case, I've been getting by on cat 1-5 certs only for years, so I did't feel the need to get the Plus card instead of my existing non-Plus Marriott Premier card. (I applied outright for the non-Plus card, after cancelling the previous one, shortly before the Plus card came out but after the info on the Plus card had already come out.) But everyone has to make their own decision based on their own usage of certs.

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