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Originally Posted by Fiordland View Post
There is also this line from the restrictions:
  • Little CargoŽ seats (notwithstanding any claims from manufacturers that they are approved for use in aircraft).
Basically it looks there at least more than one product that spent all that R&D and marketing effort without getting their product approved.
I understand the airline specifically restricts some products (and I note the one you mention is not the one under debate), but it does surprise me that the manufacturer of such a product would not have consulted with the major players in the industry. Given the market in Canada is conceivably a lucrative one, this is something even the most novice entrepreneur should have accomplished.

It seems the AC ban may have come into effect in the year since this Australian article was written, as the airline is listed as allowing such devices here: but no longer on the JetKids website:

No wonder there's confusion.
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