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Originally Posted by canopus27 View Post
It's an interesting question. The regulations quoted above make it clear that bedbox is not an approved restraint ... but if you watch the YouTube video, that clearly shows that the bedbox is only assembled after the seatbelt sign is turned off, and you can also see that the normal seatbelt is over the child ... so in the video, it doesn't seem that it's being used as a restraint at all, but just a support.

I can't see much difference between that, and just having a normal rollerbag under the seat in front of the child - which you pull out midflight, stand on its edge, and rest the childs feet on.

If you were trying to use this device prior to takeoff, or while the seatbelt sign was on, that's a definite no-no. But midflight, I'm not sure I understand what concern there may be.
How about it would inhibit the quick evacuation of the child or of the person seated between the child and the aisle (if it was in a B or E seat on a narrow body for example)?
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