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Under child restraint devices:

Prohibited Child Restraint Devices

  • Booster seats: a booster seat (or cushion) is defined as a removable device for use in a vehicle for the purpose of seating in an elevated position a person whose mass is 18 kg (40 lb.) or more. It is designed to be used with an automobile lap and shoulder belt and is therefore not approved for use in an aircraft.
  • Belly loops and vests or harness type devices.
  • BedBox®, Plane Pal, Fly-Tot, Fly LegsUp, Flyebaby.
  • Little Cargo® seats (notwithstanding any claims from manufacturers that they are approved for use in aircraft).
  • Infant sling/wrap carriers similar to Snugli™ or Baby Bjorn™ are accepted in addition to the infant's carry-on allowance if required for use on board the aircraft. These carriers are not approved for use as a "restraint device" and may not be used during taxi, take-off, and landing, or at any time the seat belt sign is illuminated. The parent or guardian will have to remove their infant from the carrier every time the seat belt sign is illuminated.
Looks like FA was right. Maybe others were using them as suitcase/child transport in airport without actually using bed feature on plane.
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