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Apparently the LX "facebook" contact just confirmed:

Hallo Patrick, der Zutritt in die SWISS Business und Senator Lounge A ist für SWISS Business Class und Miles & More Senator. Somit ist deine Aussage korrekt, als FTL ist der Zutritt leider nicht gewährt. LG Viktoria

Reads: The lounges in A are strictly only for Business class and SEN respectively. No access for *G and FTL.

In fact, this means that now *G (that's even worse than before during the lounge closure, where you could at least still get into the crappy replacement lounge or get a voucher) and FTL do not have access to any kind of Schengen lounge, and that it will stay like this.

We're talking about the home of the second biggest LH group carrier now basically having dropped FTL and *G completely from having lounge access, unless they want to arrive at the airport much earlier.

My guess is that they've either realized that apparently people had no choice and would continue to fly LH group anyway due to lack of alternatives with LH monopoly, or that Viktoria simply is as clueless as the other "Facebook" staff, who thought you could access the lounges even without a *A flight

The Business part must remain mostly empty then. Who flies Business within Schengen those days (especially without SEN/HON status) - not that many I'd say.
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