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Originally Posted by bhrubin View Post

Again, everyone sees what they want to see...except in this case Id actually benefit more from the old language and not this new language.
Not clear which benefits me more. In a post rollover nights world I would still easily pass 100 nights per year with the old language/interpretation. If the new program really is 10 nights for your first event and 1 night for 20 room nights after that, it will be a closer call, but I should still make it if the old Marriott Chase card continues to credit 1 elite night for every $3K in spend.

Of course depending on how they calculate spend, it may make no difference whether I can reach 100 nights (and I'll easily reach 75 regardless). 100 nights without $20K credited spend is no better than 75 nights.

In a world where Marriott ignores a lot of my spend, I may be better off with Marriott only giving 10 nights for the first event booked. This would at lease cull the herd of Platinum Premier 75s who achieved that status with nothing more than 8 $50-100 meeting rooms, possibly making it a tiny bit easier for the rest of us to catch an upgrade.
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