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Couple of interesting things here. Firstly sock puppet accounts are being scrutinised. This is damage limitation, therefore there is damage and it is now someone in Iberia's job to limit it. Manually verifying new accounts is a big job and expensive. This is a serious effort and implies this is not something IB is taking on the chin.

The fact that they are offering refunds for out of country bookings is significant. They don't have to. Personally, I wouldn't argue the toss here, I'd take the refund. You might find it disappears if there's a dispute.

Next step? Strict T&C, and enforcing a no transfer policy. The avios only have a net cost if they are redeemed or transferred, so it follows that IB will want to prevent that and allow them to dissolve in December. There's a significant risk that app bookings won't count, if that can be detected it's an obvious way of limiting damage further.
Yes they most definitely do have to offer a refund if they offered a flight with 9000 bonus avios then retroactively added T&Cs that stopped you getting them...

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Meanwhile, IAG also just released 2.2 billion new avios to settle the class action against BA in the US, but if you think a devaluation isn’t imminent... fine by me!
When did I say a devaluation isn't imminent? Not that I'd believe it has anything to do with these promotions/compensation payments if it is, these are small fry in the grand scheme of things.
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