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I'm getting the error message at login, but I can still manually check each booking by typing in surname and confirmation code. It pulls up the correct booking management page, and still has proper Iberia Plus number attached. So its not like they are deleting those bookings. Again, likely just a tech glitch.
When I manually check each ticket that I bought for myself under my account and for a friend under her account some tickets can not be found, and the ones that can be found do not have any Iberia Plus number attached. Even though when I bought the tickets I put the correct Iberia plus numberS. I have PDFs and e-mails from them showing the correct number was entered at time of booking. Guess I will give it a few hours and then if the problem is not resolved I will call Iberia plus support.
I'm really hoping they did not cancel my account and bookings.... If they did, I want my money back for the flights I bought.
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