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Transiting CGK overnight QR->SQ - options?

Hi all,

Am flying into CGK 2 on QR landing at 10:15pm and have a connection on SQ the next morning at 5:25am, also from T2.

As I will be coming in from Europe, I donít expect to be too jet legged and should be able to stay up until the next flight if there is a sensible option like a lounge to hang out in (Am KF Gold and also have PP).

I know there is a hotel airside at T2, but as Iíve got checked luggage with me, and Iím not sure QR will check it through to the SQ flight, I may have to go landside between flights.

So my questions are:

1) In case QR wonít check my bags through to SIN, will I be able to check my bags in onto the SQ flight the night before? I doubt it, but thought Iíd ask...

2) If I have to go landslide to collect my bags, I wonít be able to access the airside hotel to sleep for a few hours. What do I do:

a) Is there a lounge landisde that I can hang out at overnight until check-in opens? Or should I go to a hotel for the net 3-4 hours that I will likely be able to be there for. Including disembarking, travelling to and from the hotel, it seems like a lot of hassle and time for the short rest I would get. Especially as there doesnít seem to be a decent landslide hotel just outside the terminal.

What would you do?
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