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@geminidreams and @lost_in_translation: the reasons why W does not get much love are documented well in the W thread. I have personally never stayed at W but I have read the thread and I am always open to comments and can change my opinion. I would not mind trying W if I saw more people happy with their stay. While you seem happy with the place, there are also far more people unhappy so feedback seems mixed, plus the fact that I am not seeing a lot of very tangible strong points for me to change my mind at this point.

Like you said, different people, different tastes and different requirements, I agree. But from my non-informed point of view, I am seeing very weak Platinum treatment and "cheap" behavior from management. If you want breakfast, you won't get 500 points. Which other SPG hotel in BKK does that? Minimal drink vouchers. Most other hotels you get free flow drinks. Heck you even get unlimited drinks at LM and Athenee in the morning, let alone for happy hour. No food in the evening. Not dissimilar to SGS but that does not exactly set W apart here if you compare to Westin, Athenee, even LM to some extent, and god forbid, Royal Orchid Sheraton. Breakfast is good at W? I don't have much to complain about breakfast at Athenee, SGS, LM, and Westin so I cannot see breakfast being the factor that will bring me to W. I am glad to read that lost_in_translation got upgraded to a nice suite, but he already had a suite for 1/2 night and there are plenty others that seem to only get minimal upgrades to corner rooms. As far as I know, Athenee, SGS, and LM will pretty much always upgrade Plats to suites if available, even when booking the entry level room. Service at W is good? I would not know since I have not been there, but they don't beat SGS so service is not what will bring me to W. Agreed with Athenee dropping the ball in that respect, I had my own personal negative experience documented in the Athenee thread, and they have indeed lost some stays from me as a result. And last but not least, W is generallly speaking not priced very differently from Athenee and SGS on average, and above LM. Given all of the above, so far I have not been swayed to try W because it does not seem to be worth it. I am ready to book there once I start seeing better Platinum treatment. But at the moment I am far more inclined to try some Marriott properties next which get good reviews, rather than W.
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