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Originally Posted by poisson View Post
It's the last day for the Hilton bonuses, so I figured I'd apply. I got the dreaded pop-up. I'm at 12/24 and 4/12. I've got the following with AMEX: BCP (Opened 2013), Delta Gold (7/17), SPG (3/17), PRG (2/17).

Estimated spend over the past 12mo is the following:

BCP: $3000
Delta Gold: Only did spend for the bonus. Haven't used it since
SPG: $3000
PRG: $5000

I'm guessing the main reason I was denied is having several AMEX cards opened in the past 2yr.
It seems like closing cards has more of an effect on getting the pop up. Can you share if you've closed any Amex cards during that period? Thanks.
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