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It was the first time I've experienced it. Will bring my passport with me at all times from now on, so it won't happen again. Hope that guy get a really boring job somewhere where he can't do damage once his position is made redundant by automatisation

One thing I noted (completely non-connected to the immigration issue) is that since last week / two weeks ago, the "Go to Gate" displays won't properly work anymore.

Been (for a European Non-Schengen flight) at the D lounge. Reached D area 20min prior to departure, with boarding not yet having commenced. Thought, well, fine, 5min in the lounge won't hurt then. Checked into the lounge, monitor in view. "Go to Gate", staying all the way till 5min before departure (it was the Gate closest to the lounge) so I should have been "safe" just leaving when it shows "boarding".

Well, guess what, suddenly there is an announcement for no less than 7 people to head to the gate immediately - and 7 people (incl me) rush out of the lounge towards the Gate.

Complains (not just by me, but by everyone) were brushed aside very rudely by the staff.

Now, on Monday I've seen a sign at the E lounge that basically said to ignore the "go to Gate" display and rather be at the Gate 20min before departure (or very similar - didn't made a picture of it)

So, just as a warning, the "Go to Gate" display could (possibly not always?) be misleading at the moment.
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