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Originally Posted by armouredant View Post
Were unable to check in online, and when I called, they told me to sort it at AMS. Check in at AMS told me to sort it at LHR. Check in at LHR told me to sort it in the lounge. The lounge told me to sort it at the gate. The gate told me that boarding had already begun, and that people had paid to select those seats now, and might already be in them. Our new seats were in the middle of Y, surrounded by a large, loud family. I got up and spoke to the CSM during boarding, and explained the situation to her, who didn't seem at all surprise that everyone else had made it someone else's problem, and now it was hers.
Isn't this SOP on BA? A type of conflict avoidance if you like. Why sort a problem out if you can pass the buck to someone else and make it their problem?

Just like the issue of hand baggage, why challenge people with excessive baggage when it can be left for the CC to sort out?
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