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"Resident Fare" - Updated info requested

Hi All,

I'm flying within Colombia as a non-resident (US citizen), and noticing the difference in fares for Colombians vs foreigners. I've read previous flyertalk forums (and others) about how in Colombia it works completely fine to book a "Colombian ticket" (often half the price) as long as the airline's site accepts the US credit card. I'm wondering if there is any updated information out there anyone is willing to share. Specifically:

- At any point in the process (if I book a Colombian ticket) will my proof of residency/citizenship be checked?
- Are there are specific rules against buying a ticket from the Colombian version of the website, as a US citizen?
- Any updated experiences on whether US (or other foreign) credit cards will work through airlines such as LATAM or Avianca? In particular, are there any restrictions on using a US/foreign card to by a "Colombian/national" ticket?
- What about other country experiences - does this process change country by country? For example, I've been reading that buying "national/resident tickets" is more difficult in Argentina & Peru.

Thanks in advance everyone
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