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Interesting thread. I'm talking to a company about a role where I'd need to take 8 long haul trips in Y (most with a connection), plus +/-12 short haul trips (some on Ryanair, some on company charter flights). Due to the location of the role, I'd also need to add on significant personal travel (sometimes direct with a LCC, sometimes connecting via a European hub). Travel policy depends on grade and they have made it clear that J isn't up for discussion on the long haul flights, but that W could be up for discussion - However, that would likely be reflected in their salary offer. So, how much would you sacrifice in salary if you knew that those W flights would likely be on flights where the J cabin was full so no opup possibility?
If the gig involves that much LH then the salary difference (or stock, whatever) would need to be life changing for me, i.e able to pay off chunk of mortgage etc.
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