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Originally Posted by bhrubin View Post

I'm beginning to think that "most Aman-like" almost requires the property to be at lower occupancy. I've repeatedly insisted that the reason why some of the most celebrated Asian Amans have such great records of sterling service is actually because they were always at 30-50% occupancy--including all of our stays in Asia over the past 10 years. It's a lot easier to deliver personalized service when your property is at half occupancy.

I'd argue that Amangiri, with some of the highest, if not the highest, average occupancy of any Aman property in the world, is more Aman than even the Asian counterparts. Our stay at Amangiri was at 100% occupancy--and we still loved it. I think that's why we place Amangiri higher in our estimation than so many others. Reviews may be suffering from false equivalency.

I suspect many of these "more Aman-like" properties operating at well less than full occupancy wouldn't be nearly "as Aman-like" when they are closer to 100% occupancy.

OTOH, I’m delighted to know that when Amanera is at lower occupancy—as would be expected now during hot and muggy hurricane season—the service and experience is to such a wonderful standard.
Haven't been to Amangiri, and while I do agree it is tough for Amangiri as it is one of the Amans operating at the highest level of occupancy, but I think the reviews from here tell you all you need to know - I think your stay was the exception rather than the rule, low occupancy or not. The place is absolutely stunning, and there is the "American vs Asian" service standard to account for, in addition to the expectation (Aman, Asia) that most come in with. Even with that in mind, it does point to your stay being an exceptional case.

Aman Asia WAS often at low occupancy, but Amankila, Amanpulo et al have also consistently (not always - no hotel is perfect all the time, 100% of the time after all, but fairly consistently) delivered time and again, even at full or close to full occupancy. Amanpulo is actually close to full occupancy on most dates between Christmas to Easter, followed again by any long weekend in Hong Kong + first week of October. The only time it runs on very low occupancy is the period in between that, when weather may also not be as nice. When we were at Amanpulo, it was at full occupancy for all the casitas except treetop pool and some of the villas were unoccupied. Amanjiwo was also at close to full occupancy during our stay there. Amanoi was also running at a very good occupancy during our stay. They can deliver, even during high occupancy

Now that Amanusa has closed (and with the more attractive Undiscovered Indonesia rates at USD 550/night++ for low season), Amankila also runs at much higher occupancy than before. Amanjiwo is actually one of the best Indonesian/Southeast Asian Amans performing Amans for occupancy.

Amanpuri is perhaps the exception here but that's partly due to its absolutely enormous size. It went way out of hand when they built the extra villas back in around 2011.
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