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Originally Posted by Lefly View Post
I have a question, please, and apologies if dumb.
Belgium is excluded from the promo. Does it means that being Belgian resident I can't participate at all, or I can book on the ES, NL, IT websites (connecting from BE) for routes intra-Spain - or from/to eligible countries - and get the bonus avios? Opinions & thoughts?

This is my concern also. I am from the US, with a US account, address, and cc. But am in SGN and bought 3 yesterday without using a VPN before they mentioned any country restriction. Was on the Spain version of the site, so I'm hoping that's enough. Today bought 3 more, using my VPN.

Given all the fraud Avios seems to have had, and other airlines have had, with miles in some Asian locations, I'm a bit worried how this will turn out personally, but we'll see what happens. I guess we'll know in about 10 days, maybe.
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