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When I flew more from LIN, I appreciated the C class meals that AZ provided on flights to LHR/LCY, but it was quite some years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if the service had been worsened nowadays.
Your last assumption is correct, the service has gone significantly downhill (don't get me wrong, nothing really different from the average in Europe, apart maybe -and as I said above- from OS/LO and I see some very mouthwatering pictures on the A3 forum) and that's a shame because during the EY days the catering had seen a marked improvement and there was more variety in terms of choice (not only food but also wine to name a couple). As we speak, it's only either panini cheese/mini omelette and a ghastly croissant for breakfast and, after that, just lasagne (with so much 'cheese' on top enough to justify a blood test as soon as you step off the plane) or tortelloni (slightly better, but still appalling considering the high standards in Italy). That aside, I fully agree on the lounge offering's bit.

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