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Originally Posted by Diplomatico View Post
Out of curiosity, how long had you had the two cards that you closed? Either of them closed in less than one year?

Technically you weren't rejected for the credit card - you chose not to sign up for it (rightfully so) since there was no bonus attached.
Correct--not reject for the card, but the sign up bonus/perks which is mainly what we do. And correct, the 2 cards were less than a year--1st one, I closed not due to my own reasoning but due to Amex's reps misleading info (signed up for the EveryDay Preferred card--2 months later, while signing up for the EveryDay card, I rcv'd message that says to wait so I called Amex and Rep told me because I currently have the ED Pref., they couldn't approve me for the EveryDay so I closed the ED Pref. to get the EveryDay. 2nd card I closed was 2 days ago when I called Amex for any retentions offer (received retentions for personal SPG a few months back) on the SPG bus. (1st annual coming up in Aug.) and rep tells me there's no retention offer and I decided to close it while on the call.
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