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Originally Posted by orbitmic View Post
Hopefully, BA will lose further market shares to both TLV and DXB over their stretching of the notion of "manifest" error.
Re: DXB sadly we lost the 2 x daily QF A380's and now BI have announced they are dropping the DXB stop on their BWN flights, so I can only see BA gaining market share and increasing price (note - slightly negated by 1 new STN flight on EK).

I'd never comment on the TLV as it's a very unique route / destination!

But the point I wanted to make listening the Radio 2 section is that apparently BA are now in discussions with people who bought non-cancellable hotels etc, so this may well be a small shift in position.

Also, the above quoted correspondence from BA talked about only cancelling flights from next Wednesday. I presume flights were booked for departures prior to next week, and BA has made the decision not to cancel them. Because - I assume - far greater risk of this blowing up at them? People rocking up at airports etc?
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