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1st reject--under Amex new rule...

So this just happened yesterday as I was trying to sign up for the Hilton Ascend and I got that pop up that states "...based on your history with are not qualify for this sign up bonus..." My heart 1/2 sunk! First CC reject ever! I've never had the Ascend, or Surpass. Currently have 3 personal Amex cards, 2 business cards-one being a charge card & a charge card for a total of 6 Amex cards. I have cancelled 2 Amex cards within the last 6 months (personally I'm thinking this may be the cause of reject). Chat w/online rep, he didn't know reason-gave me # to the phone new application agent, we spent an hour on the phone and he couldn't figure out or get around the pop-up reject. Anyone has had similar issues due to Amex newly implemented rule? Any luck or ideas to get around this?
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