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Originally Posted by windowontheAside View Post
I actually think the short validity of the voucher is quite cute thinking from BA. For those who were planning to travel to TLV and still need to do so, the voucher can be used to soften the blow of the real fares and there should be no issue booking in the time period.

It's another matter for those who decided to travel purely because they saw the fare - it could be tough to find another attractive option in such a short window, but perhaps BA has chosen not to be very sympathetic to those?
Well, I booked one for a trip in August which I needed to do. I actually did not know it was a flexible ticket and did not think it was an error and I do book - literally - dozens of trips a year. I had been looking at prices for a while as I need to make two of them to Israel in August and December and thought that the long awaited sale had finally come in part also because of the "round number" (195 sounded like the sort of figure those sae people came up with). In fact, I so did not think that it was an error that I did not book the fare for the trip I need to do in December that I hoped I'd get something better by then especially as my ideal point of origin for that second trip is not London (and indeed, there exist multiple itineraries for cheaper already).

Because I genuinely want to travel and because my trip is in August which is an expensive period to fly, the voucher is precisely not going to be useful at all for my TLV plan and I'll have to use it for something else. This is all the more so that the travel agent told me that BA have not processed any refund and will only tell them on Friday when they will process refunds to the TA (who will then have to pass them on to the customers!) let alone vouchers. I have too much respect for the value of my time to take airlines to court but part of my genuinely hopes that someone else does and wins for themselves as I find BA's attitude both incompetent (in choosing to take their time in processing refunds) and dishonest (in stretching the definition of "manifest" errors well beyond what I believe it is intended to cover. In short, I suspect that the error is possibly obvious to BA but certainly not to the average customer, which is what would most likely be the standard to be used here). As I mentioned, I do not believe that the error was "manifest" in any shape or form (again, if they say that it was a mistake I am happy to take their word for it, but manifest, no way). As for the fact that the fare was less than BA's taxes and surcharges after the TA discount had been applied, that is not in any way unusual for some sale fares or even for some non-sale low fares which often have a base fare of 1 or 0 which can become negative after some TAs apply their discount.
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