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Originally Posted by Jamier45 View Post
Have you got a screenshot of this as Iím really struggling!
It seems not easy to keep the price down to 800 GBP and fit in lots of sectors... The best I can come up with for your dates are below. The first gives you 15 sectors (800 TPs) for around 940 GBP (so about 1.18 GBP/TP). The second keeps the price down to 880 GBP, but at the expense of dropping two sectors on the return, so only 720 TPs (1.22 GBP/TP).


Originally Posted by KARFA View Post
Thanks for looking Well at least that confirms what I found, seems that the weekend I am around is no good for cheap fares to PTY for some reason.
Your dates and constraint in the time you have available certainly limit the options for this one! The best I can find (a 10 sector total trip) comes out at around 1200 GBP for 600 TPs. The run wouldn't be for the fainthearted though, as the only way I can see to fit 5 sectors each way is to bypass the "24 hour" rule by booking the trip as two one-ways.

I seem to be having trouble uploading reasonable size screenshots so here is a text based summary:

Ticket 1: dep. Feb 14th/arr Feb 15th LAX:: AA851 PHL AA1687 CLT AA561 MCO AA1362 MIA AA959 (PTY) - (797 USD == 602 GBP)
Ticket 2 dep. Feb 16th/arr Feb 17th (07.10am) PTY:: AA960 MIA AA1362 MCO AA561 CLT AA1783 SFO AA (LAX) - (814 USD = 615 GBP)
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